exc2Exclusive Pet Food Testimonial 

exc I would like to recommend Exclusive Performance for dogs. I have two male 5-year-old Scottish Deerhounds that are more interested in chasing squirrels than eating. The Exclusive dog food is high in calories and easily digestible so my dogs can maintain their weight and have formed stool. I have fed them Exclusive for nearly on 3 years and I’ve never had a problem with palatability.                

Leigh Frazier, D.V.M.

Purina Well-Solve Low Starch Testimonial

polscanMy experience with Purina’s new Well Solve – Low Sugar/Low Starch has been a great one. Our 18 year old Arabian mare has always been a very easy keeper; she stayed fat on a cup of grain a feeding.

Two years ago she had a serious bout of laminitis and it was so bad we were afraid she would have to be put down. The first course of action was to take her off all feed except a small amount of hay. We then added a cup of enrich 12 to be sure she was getting all the vitamins and minerals she needed. After a couple tough months she looked like she would pull through, but she was so thin–we had never seen a rib on this horse and she had lost her beautiful shiny coat. We added beet pulp and it did help somewhat in restoring some weight but with 10 other horses to feed and all the soaking of the beet pulp, it was really time consuming and messy. When Purina came out with the Well Solve, we immediately tried it on her, since we knew she was an easy keeper and would still need to be restricted somewhat we fed her only 2 cups of the Well Source along with ½ cup of the Enrich 12 . She has been on this now since May of last year and is thriving. Her feet look like they did before she foundered and she is maintaining a healthy weight and her coat looks wonderful again.

Thanks, Purina.
-Kathy Polscan, Manam Arabians