Kevin Guldin -

Kevin Guldin

Kevin Guldin has been working at Oley Valley Feed for over thirty years and has grown up raising animals his whole life. He graduated summa cum laude from Delaware Valley College with a degree in Animal Sciences. Kevin and Jane took over ownership and management of Oley Valley Feed in 2002. Along with managing the store Kevin also does feed programming for dairy farms as well as farm visits. Kevin can be reached by emailing him at or by calling the store.
Jane Guldin -

Jane Guldin

Jane Guldin has been working at Oley Valley Feed since her and Kevin took over ownership in 2002. Jane has also grown up around animals her whole life. She currently raises sheep, goats, chickens, and helps her sons with their 4-H dairy beef animals. Jane graduated from Liberty University with a degree in nursing. Jane can be found usually in the office updating records or running the store.
Carl Reichert -

Carl Reichert

Carl Reichert has been working at Oley Valley Feed for seventeen years. Carl has raised goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and dogs as well as an extensive garden! Aside from working for our local church full time, Carl is always there to help us with our deliveries. Carl is almost always on the road during the weekdays, or you can find him in the store on Saturdays
Sarah Miller -

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller has been working for Oley Valley Feed for seventeen years. In 2007, Sarah graduated from Penn State with a degree in Animal Sciences. Sarah, in 2007-2008, also spent nine months working for a dairy farm in New Zealand. Sarah has shown dairy heifers for 4-H. She enjoys gardening, spending time with her 2 boys and her Bernese Mountain Dog, Rosie. You can find Sarah's smiling face behind the counter, always willing to help customers with their needs.
Chris Reidenhour -

Chris Reidenhour

Chris Reidenhour has been an employee of Oley Valley Feed for the past three years, and brings over 25 years of agricultural experience to the business. Chris has attended numerous Purina workshops and enjoys working with people. You can often find Chris in the store working at the register or helping customers to meet their animal and pet needs.
Richard Davis -

Richard Davis

Richard Davis works full-time at Oley Valley Feed since August 2016. He brings many years of experience in both agriculture and the feed industry to our business. He also does crop farming with his father. Richard is the Assistant Warehouse Manager and can be found helping to order feed, get deliveries ready and keeping our warehouse organized. Occasionally you will see him delivering feed as well.
Amy Guldin -

Amy Guldin

Amy Guldin has been working part time at Oley Valley Feed for five years and can be found in the store. Amy keeps our store clean and smelling fresh, as well as helping to keep our shelves well stocked.
Steve Weinsteiger -

Steve Weinsteiger

Steve Weinsteiger has been working part-time at Oley Valley Feed since October 2015. He has a herd of Hereford Cattle and assorted farm critters that he cares for at home in addition to farming his land. Steve primarily is a delivery driver and can be found on the road making customer deliveries.
Rick Shipe -

Rick Shipe

Rick Shipe has been working part time at Oley Valley Feed for several years on Saturday mornings. He served Purina as a Rabbit Ambassador for thirteen years. As a Rabbit Ambassador, Rick attended shows and meetings to promote Purina Rabbit feeds. Rick has experience raising New Zealand rabbits for 30+ years. Currently he has 2 dogs and custom raises chicks for layer hens at home in addition to hobby farming and gardening with his family.
Jacob Guldin -

Jacob Guldin

Jacob Guldin works part-time at Oley Valley Feed after growing up at the business. Jacob is attending Delaware Valley University for Agriculture Business. He has shown dairy beef and beef cattle at the local fairs in addition to helping his Dad and brother with custom farm work. Jacob can be found mostly on the dock on Saturdays, and helping in the warehouse on days off from school and the summers.
Nate Guldin -

Nate Guldin

Nate started working at Oley Valley Feed when he was old enough to ride along on deliveries with his father Kevin. Nate has been involved in agriculture for many years, working at nearby farms and being heavily involved in FFA. Nate also runs a custom hay baling business. He is currently attecnding Delaware Valley University to major in Crop Science. Nate helps out with deliveries and our seed corn & soybean sales.
Brian "Norm McAllister -

Brian "Norm McAllister

Brian grew up in central Pennsylvania showing market hogs and steers in 4H. While at Penn State, he was an active member in the Block & Bridle Club and competed on both the Meats and Livestock Judging Teams. Brian moved to the Midwest to work for an international swine genetics company, worked in car sales and a research laboratory. Prior to joining Oley Valley Feed, he worked for Purina Animal Nutrition as a Sales Specialist in Eastern Pennsylvania. In his free time, Brian is on the swine committee for the Keystone International Livestock Exposition, is active with the Penn State Stockmen’s Club, and enjoys barbecuing and gardening. Brian always has a lead on quality cuts of beef, lamb, or pork, that’s why we affectionately call him the ‘meat pirate’.
Annie Butler -

Annie Butler

Annie has been working full-time for Oley Valley Feed since April 2018 and is usually the first face you see when you walk in the store. She graduated from Delaware Valley University in 2017 with a degree in Equine Science and Management and a minor in Livestock Science and Management. While in school she worked at a thoroughbred breeding farm and was heavily involved in the equestrian team. Outside of work Annie likes to ride her horse Cugat, teach horseback riding lessons and assistant coach an IEA team, go line dancing, care for her small flock of chickens and ducks, and go hiking with her dogs.
Hayden Phillips -

Hayden Phillips

Hayden works part time at Harleysville Feed, Inc. on Saturdays. She is a Senior at Oley Valley high School and an active member of the FFA. She has experience showing and taking care of horses and enjoys working in the school's greenhouse and learning more about Plant Science. She plans to further her education after high school studying Horticulture and Crop Science.

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