Pet Department

Dog Food Brands


We carry several different brands of dog and cat foods including Purina, Pro-Plan, Exclusive, Blue Buffalo, Red Flannel, and also in the holistic dog food department we carry Infinia, Taste of the Wild and Annamaet.

In our premium dog food range we recommend Exclusive dog food, which is made from whole, fresh never frozen chicken and lamb. It contains glucosamine for healthy joints as well as Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for enhanced immune health and a shiny skin and coat. Exclusive pet foods are naturally preserved with vitamin E and it is highly digestible so therefore pets have a smaller stool.

Bring your pet in to the store with you to check out our selection of dog and cat treats. We encourage your pet to pick out his or her own treat with the owner's assistance. We have Greenies, rawhides, unique dog and cat toys, and many other products. We also have an ample selection of dog and cat leashes, collars, bowls, and grooming products.