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Oley Valley Feed - A Family Business

Oley Valley Feed, Inc.

Oley Valley Feed has been in business for over 20 years. Kevin and Jane Guldin became owners of Oley Valley Feed in 2002. Kevin and Jane can usually be found at the store, and during the summer and after school their children; Nate and Jake usually join them as well. Kevin’s mother Vivian has also been working at the store for many years. The staff at Oley Valley Feed has really enjoyed creating lasting friendships with their customers as well as their pets, which come visit the store. Please feel free to bring your pets to the store. Many pets enjoy selecting their own treats when they come to visit!

Our Staff

Kevin Guldin has been working at Oley Valley Feed for over twenty five years and has grown up raising animals his whole life. He graduated summa cum laude from Delaware Valley College with a degree in Animal Sciences. Kevin and Jane took over ownership and management of Oley Valley Feed in 2002. Along with managing the store Kevin also does feed programming for dairy farms as well as farm visits.  Kevin can be reached by emailing him at or by calling the store. 

Kevin & Jane Guldin

Jane Guldin has been working at Oley Valley Feed since her and Kevin took over ownership in 2002. Jane has also grown up around animals her whole life. She currently raises sheep, goats, chickens, and helps her sons with their 4-H dairy beef animals. Jane graduated from Liberty University with a degree in nursing.  Jane can be found usually in the office updating records or running the store.

Vivian Guldin has been working at Oley Valley Feed for thirteen years. Vivian has worked for many years in the agriculture industry. She enjoys spending time with her family especially her four grandchildren. Vivian can be found at the counter helping customers or helping to keep our paperwork organized.

Carl ReichertCarl Reichert has been working at Oley Valley Feed for thirteen years. Carl has been our go to guy when the tough gets going and the going gets tough. Carl, aside from working for our local church full time, is always there to help us with our deliveries. Carl is almost always on the road during the weekdays, or you can find him in the store on some Saturdays.

Sarah Tuttle

Sarah Tuttle has been working for Oley Valley Feed for twelve years. In 2007, Sarah graduated from Penn State with a degree in Animal Sciences. Sarah, in 2007-2008, also spent nine months working for a dairy farm in New Zealand. Sarah, like Brian also has shown dairy heifers for 4-H. You can find Sarah's smiling face behind the counter, always willing to help customers with their needs.  If you are interested in an item we may not currently stock, please contact Sarah at or call her at the store.

Bob Campfield

Bob Campfield has been working at Oley Valley Feed for five years.  Bob is currently our Warehouse Manager; his duties require him to the feed ordering and make sure we have steady supply of feed at all times.  Bob is very knowledgeable about pets and reptiles. In 2008, Bob attended Purina Mills animal care workshop, where he became a certified animal care advisor. You can find Bob working away in our warehouse making sure trucks are loaded and the feed is organized in our warehouse. If you are in need of a special feed item from Purina, please get in contact with Bob by emailing him at or by calling the store.

Brian Mauger

Brian Mauger has worked at Oley Valley Feed for five years. Working on several local farms as well as his family’s farm he has gained experience in several areas of agriculture. Brian has also raised his own dairy heifers while he was in 4-H. Brian is usually out on the road making deliveries, you also can spot him out on the dock and in the warehouse, helping to keep our wheels rolling.

Rick ShipeRick Shipe has been working part time at Oley Valley Feed for several years. Not only does Rick work at the store but he also serves Purina by being a Rabbit Ambassador. Rick has been a Rabbit Ambassador for seven years. As a Rabbit Ambassador, Rick attends shows and meetings to promote the feed. Rick also stays current with additions and changes to the Purina rabbit feeds. Rick has been raising New Zealand rabbits for 30 years. Rick also has chinchillas and goats. Rick is pictured here with his daughter Jaimie.

Cody Schlegel works full time for us now.   While in high school he was a member of the Oley Valley FFA and also the Berks County Beef Club. Cody helps by stocking the shelves and taking feed to our customers' cars as well as making deliveries.  Cody also keeps our delivery trucks in top running order. 

Store Hours
M-Fri:8:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.
Sat:8:00 a.m.4:00 p.m.
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